KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download: KMPlayer is a flagship media player that suitably has its tagline as “We play all”. The KMPlayer is a lightweight media player that supports a wide range of audio and video formats. To name a few AVI, ASF, WMV, AVS, FLV, MKV, VCD, DVD, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, RealMedia, QuickTime and much more. The media player can handle any kind of subtitles and can change the audio and video formats in many ways. The features can be accessed in many methods and also use shortcuts. It also has the power to play damaged or incomplete files, locked media files during downloads and so on.

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download

With the KMPlayer for PC, the video playback becomes quick and instant. You can customise the KMPlayer for Windows as your own with the huge list of skins available. Even features to change the colour of the player with every track gives more aesthetic feeling to the user. The album art gets imported automatically when you add any music file to the system. Interactive plugins are given for various purposes and playback options. You can even sharpen the videos you watch and change the picture properties like brightness/contrast adjustments if you want.

The KMPlayer Download has both internal and external filters for rendering fully controlled environments in case of connections established using splitters, decoders, audio/video filters, renders, etc. The player also supports 3D and 4K videos at ease. But the fairness of the KMPlayer for PC is that these features are not turned on unless you ask for it rather than forcing it on you.

KMPlayer Download – Features

  • High-resolution movie support in KMPlayer PC
  • Watch movies in high quality with support for 3D, 4K, and UHD.
  • Supports over 24 languages worldwide
  • Support for formats like RTS, MPEG1, MPEG2, AAC, WMA7, WMA8, OGG, etc.
  • Capture audio and video and save in any format
  • Make a screen capture and save in any format
  • Provide full control over DVD selection, Movie menus, audio menus, subtitle menus, brightness/contrast and more, for user needs
  • The codecs come bundled with the software. Hence you can watch movies quickly and efficiently

KMPlayer Download for PC

Just click the download button below to download KMPlayer latest version. The download is completely virus-free and contains no bugs.

Download KM Player for PC Windows

Download KM Player for Mac 

What’s new in KMPlayer

A new feature called KMP Connect allows you to share your music and videos online with your friends. With a simple PIN number, you can connect the PC to your phone. This doesn’t require any registration process. A few more added features in the latest version of KMPlayer PC are listed below.

  • Subtitle translation enhancements
  • Previous Internal KMP Splitter upgraded to Internal LAV Splitter
  • Previous Gabest Splitter has been removed
  • LAV Video/Audio Decoder has been updated
  • Intel RealSense Compatible
  • KMP Thema Capability Added
  • Language Updated (Brazil: Portuguese)
  • Subtitle “Windows Standard Output (GDI)” process upgraded when in DirectDraw usage
  • Flash Advertisements Removed
  • Video thumbnail “not in use” set as default
  • Bug fixes

Pros of KMPlayer

  • Highly customizable
  • Unobtrusive layout
  • Lightweight
  • Full video codec support
  • Supports almost all audio and video formats
  • Mobile compatibility

Cons of KMPlayer

KMPlayer for PC contains bundled apps. There are chances that you could install browser add-ons unintentionally.

KMPlayer for PC – Screenshots

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer App

The KMPlayer mobile app comes with all the features present in the KMPlayer for PC. Additionally, it supports more file formats and codecs which mean you will be able to play any media format on your mobile with the KMPlayer Android. The media player automatically detects the media files on the storage and also you can explore files on your internal or external memory. An interesting feature is that you can change the extension of the file from within the app itself.  You can control the settings of the video playback using a number of ways. Lock the screen if you want, increase or decrease volumes using gestures, speed up or slow down the video, etc. The videos resume from where you left the last time.

Download KMPlayer App

Click the link below to free download KMPlayer latest version for mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

Download KM Player for Android

Download KM Player for iOS

KMPlayer App – Features

  • Media play speed support
  • View videos in slow motion starting from 0.1x speed
  • Easy Folder Navigation in KMPlayer for Mac
  • Gesture support for volume and navigation
  • Mark your frequently watchable videos as Favourites
  • Fast and easy network feature
  • View movies on your PC from your mobile
  • Wide range of subtitles support in KMPlayer Apk
  • Subtitle on/off, sync control options
  • Floating Screen feature

Pros of KMPlayer App

  • Auto detects videos
  • Supports wide range of video formats
  • Easy media file explorer
  • Simple player controls
  • Swipe up/down volume control
  • Screen lock/unlock
  • Swipe left/right through a video
  • Watch video from your PC on your mobile with KMP Connect

Cons of KMPlayer App

  • No audio player
  • Playback of some video formats is poor

KMPlayer App – Screenshots

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download

Thus if you are looking for a light weight media player with plenty of useful features the KMPlayer is the best choice for you. Comment below your views on KMPlayer.

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